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Buckler information 

A buckler is an enemy in Mario + rabbids kingdom battle. It has a portable cover and it uses a boomshot weapon. They can move 4 cells and 2 cells out of pipes. They use the super chance technique that means that 100% of super effect will happen. They can do a boom dash which means that anyone in range of the dash is hit.


There are 3 types of bucklers. 1 for each world (except for ancient gardens).

Sherbet bucklers: These bucklers have 195 health points. Does 40 damage. They have a blue and green cover. Along with a cactus mask.

Spooky bucklers:These bucklers have 295 health points. Does 55 damage. They have a brown cover. Along with a red mask.

Lava bucklers: These bucklers have 445 health points. Does 75 damage. They have a metal brown cover.