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Hoppers are the second enemy faced in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. They wield a blaster, can team jump, and can use a shield similar to Rabbid Yoshi's outer shell. They are seen in every world.


Two Hoppers bounce off of each other's heads. They then run over to another Hopper and bounce off of its head and feet consecutively. Both of them pose with a single paw behind their head. The header "Hopper" comes up, with the subtitle "Team Jumping Jerks!"


Garden Hoppers[]

Garden Hopper.png
Sherbet Hopper.png
Spooky Hopper.png
Lava Hopper.png

Garden Hoppers are the first variant of Hoppers discovered. They have 90 Health, and their Blasters deal 35 damage. They are the only type of Hopper to have no Technique or Super Effect.

The hoppers have red masks on their faces and red springs on their feet. They also have blasters on both their wrists. More info coming.

Sherbet Hoppers[]

Sherbet Hoppers are the second variant of Hoppers. They have 135 Health, and their Blasters deal 45 damage. They have the honey Super Effect. They're technique is shield with 100% body and weapon parry.

These hoppers have cactus masks and what looks to be a cactus scarfs around their neck. Their springs are ice like and so re their blasters. More info coming.

Spooky Hoppers[]

Spooky Hoppers are the third variant of Hoppers. They have 205 Health, and their Blasters deal 60 damage. They have the push Super Effect. Same technique.

These hoppers have pumpkin masks and red scarfs. More info coming.

Lava Hoppers[]

Lava Hoppers are the fourth variant of Hoppers. They have 310 Health, and their Blasters deal 80 damage. They have the burn Super Effect. Same technique. More info coming.