Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki

Mario is the leader of the Heroes in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, unlocked at the very start of the game. He is required to be used in every single battle of the game, including challenges. He is a non-Rabbid Hero.


Mario has a red shirt and hat, as well as blue overalls fastened with yellow buttons. He has brown shoes. His hat has a red and white "M" logo on it. His facial features include a large nose, large eyebrows, a mustache, and light blue eyes. The only part of his appearance that is unique to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is the blaster that he wears on his right arm.


Stomp Jump[]

Mario's Stomp Jump is a movement ability unique to Mario. When Mario Team Jumps with this ability unlocked, he may stomp on an enemy's head and land 3–6 blocks away (depending on upgrades unlocked on the Skill Tree). This typically does more damage than a dash, as his dash does 20, 40, 60, 90, or 130 damage, but his Stomp Jump does 30, 50, 70, 100, or 150 damage (both depending on upgrades).


Mario should be a character that players should be able to get familiar with, especially considering the fact that he is always present in the party. He is a great offensive powerhouse with access to many ways of dealing incredible damage. M-Power gives an extra punch to attacks, while Hero Sight provides two high-damage bonus attacks. One can plan many strategies with Mario's Bounce and Honey effects. Honey could put a stop to enemy movement, allowing teammates like Peach or Rabbid Mario could get a chance to get closer to their opponent. Honey can also ensure that the enemy cannot move so they can't harm Luigi, while he can use his amazing range to snipe them from across the battlefield with his Precision. Bounce can save Mario from a tight spot with enemies like Smashers and other opponents who benefit from getting up close. Unfortunately, Mario has one weakness in his movement. Mario has a maximum movement of seven cells, meaning he only gets one upgrade for his movement. This also means that one would need to be careful where they place Mario, and that he needs help from teammates to increase his movement. His unique Stomp Jump technique can make up for his lack of movement, and his limited movement can also be patched up with Luigi's Itchy Feet technique.

Battle strategies with other characters[]

Luigi: Luigi can provide long-range support for Mario. Ink and Bounce can defend Mario from Smashers, and Luigi's Steely Stare can distract a Smasher from reaching Mario from great distances. He can also snipe from the sidelines as Mario leads the charge in battle.

Rabbid Luigi: There is not much Rabbid Luigi can do to help out Mario but use his wide array of special effects, like Vampire, to support him. He can affect things like Smashers and bosses with Vamp Dash whole Mario can close in and hit them with his M-Power or Melee combo to heal a huge reserve of lost health. Stone prevents the enemy from doing anything at all for a turn, so Mario can capitalize off of that. Additionally, Burn can trigger Mario's Hero Sight.

Rabbid Peach: Mario is a frontline fighter, which means he can lose a lot of health during battle, so having Rabbid Peach lead with him can provide healing. She pretty much has the same effects as Mario has, but Push can spread around the field as, if you get one enemy rolling across the ground and it hits another one, then that enemy is rolling across the battlefield also.

Peach: Peach can help Mario by soaking up the damage he takes with her Protection technique and team jump near him to heal him. She just needs to be careful that her Boomshot does not accidentally knock Mario's hat off.

Yoshi: Mario and Yoshi's abilities are very similar with several differences. The Rumblebang has better range and can do some amazing damage. Super Chance can give his effects a 100% chance to land, and his similarities to Mario make him great for doubling down on the Hyper Offense on the front lines with Mario.

Rabbid Yoshi: The majority of what Rabbid Yoshi can do is keep enemies away with Scaredy Rabbid.

Rabbid Mario: Rabbid Mario can get helped out by Mario due to his Honey effect, which can immobilize enemies and can reassure that they won't escape Rabbid Mario's Boomshot. Stone from Rabbid Mario works with everybody, and Vamp is already covered with Rabbid Luigi.

Cleansing Jump[]

The Cleansing Jump allows Mario to clear Super Effects from other Heroes when he Team Jumps off of them. This works with any lingering Super Effect. This ability is not unique to Mario; every Hero has it.


  • Mario is the only Hero to have the ability to upgrade the amount of heath restored from a Mushroom, which is most likely because the player cannot take him out of the team in between battles, unlike other Heroes.