Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a strategy video game released in 2017, developed by Ubisoft. The game serves as a crossover between Nintendo's Mario series and Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids series. It was published by Ubisoft worldwide excluding Asia, where it was published by Nintendo.


Main heroes[]

Secondary Heroes[]

  • Rabbid Toadette (In Mario+Rabbids go Pretzel Island)


Ancient Gardens[]

Sherbet Desert[]

Spooky Trails[]

Lava Pit[]


Ancient Gardens Sherbet Desert Spooky Trails Lava Pit
Unlikely Heroes Cold hand, Warm Heart Looking for Mr. Tom Phan If it Rains it Pours Lava
Flower Bud Undergarment Gulch Peek a Boo When the Going Gets Tough
Danger from Above Guardians of the Oasis Benefies of Getting Lost The Tough Get Going
Welcome to the Jungle Squre One Madame Bwahste In full Gear
Brother there Art Thou The Gatecrashers Introduction El Calavera Bowser jr.'s lair
On the Bubble Sheilds of Sherbet Desert Double Barreled Reunited
Do u Stack up Temple of Bwahmanweewee Every Treasure has its thom Spawny Snacted
Precarious piller Call of Sherbet Mountain Moonlight Sonata Castle Guards
Top Banana It Come from the Freeze Opening Night Bowser's Castle
The Hidden Bridge The Hidden Gorge Secret Swamp Cladstine Castle