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Listed below are all the current Moderators and Administrators on the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki. If any questions arise, it is best to ask one below.

Username Groups Activity
(Message Wall) • (Contributions)
Bureaucrat, sysop Semi-active
(Message Wall) • (Contributions)
Bureaucrat, sysop Active
Chikorita Lover
(Message Wall) • (Contributions)
General staff* Semi-active

Staff applications

Users may ask administrators if they wish to apply for a position. Each position has different requirements to apply, which are listed below and will be changed in the future as the wiki grows. A user must meet the requirements for a staff position in order to apply for it, and they may still be rejected for any reason.


Rollbackers have the ability to perform rollbacks, which are enhanced edit reverts. Rollbackers are labeled with bolded names.


  • We do not need rollbackers at the moment, as we are a fairly small wiki that doesn't get vandalism enough for rollbackers.

Content Moderator

Content Moderators have the abilities to perform rollbacks, delete pages, protect pages, and edit protected pages. Content Moderators are labeled with bolded names and pencil icons on the wiki.


  • Must have at least 30 edits.
  • Must have been on the wiki for at least 5 days.
  • Must be able to use the source editor well.
  • Must show trustworthiness.
  • Must have content on profile page.

Discussions Moderator

Discussions Moderators have the abilities to delete posts, move posts, lock posts, and reply to locked posts. Discussions Moderators are labeled with silver message badges on discussions.


  • Must have at least 15 posts.
  • Must have been on the wiki for at least 5 days.
  • Must show discretion and trustworthiness.
  • Must have content on profile page.


Administrators have all abilities of Content and Discussions Moderators, as well as editing MediaWiki pages and blocking users. Administrators are labeled with bolded, yellow-gold names and star icons on the wiki, and golden star badges on discussions. Bureaucrats are labeled the same way, but with reddish names.


  • Must have been a Moderator for at least 3 weeks.
  • Must meet all the requirements of both Moderator positions.
  • Must be deemed worthy of the position by one or more bureaucrats for a good reason.

*General staff are users who have permission to warn users and help users new to the wiki, similar to other staff. The position cannot be applied for, and is given in special cases. They are not always expected to be active.