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Rabbid Luigi is the third Hero in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, unlocked at the very start of the game. He is a Rabbid Hero, and Luigi's Rabbid counterpart.


Rabbid Luigi has a long cloak-like shirt over his body and long sleeves that cover a bit of his paws. He wears Luigi's hat, which is faced towards the side. His ears poke through the hat.

Appearances in other games

Luigi Mansion 3

Rabbid Luigi reappears in Luigi Mansion 3. Rabbid Luigi come to The Last Resort hotel with Mario, Luigi, Peach and Three Toads. He was abducted by King Boo and He was released following King Boo destroyed.


Vamp Dash

Rabbid Luigi's Vamp Dash is a movement ability unique to Rabbid Luigi. When Rabbid Luigi Dashes with this ability unlocked, he will give the enemy the Super Effect of Vamp. The Vamp will immediately take effect, restoring health to Rabbid Luigi, as well as other heroes who hit the enemy before the effect wears off.

Extra Dash

Rabbid Luigi can dash two enemies in one turn.

Cleansing Jump

The Cleansing Jump allows Rabbid Luigi to clear Super Effects from other Heroes when he Team Jumps off of them. This works with any lingering Super Effect. This ability is not unique to Rabbid Luigi; every Hero has it.


  • Rabbid Luigi is the only Hero to have more than two Super Effects.
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