Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki

Rabbid Mario is a hero in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, unlocked in Sherbet Desert. He is a Rabbid hero, and Mario's Rabbid counterpart.


Rabbid Mario wears Mario's cap, overalls, and mustache. The overalls' straps appear to be slightly loose.


Boom Dash[]

Rabbid Mario's Boom Dash is a movement ability unique to Rabbid Mario. When Mario Dashes with this ability unlocked... (WiP, sorry)

Extra Dash[]

Rabbid Mario can dash up to two enemies in one turn.

Cleansing Jump[]

The Cleansing Jump allows Rabbid Mario to clear Super Effects from other Heroes when he Team Jumps off of them. This works with any lingering Super Effect. This ability is not unique to Rabbid Mario; every Hero has it.