Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki

Rabbid peach has appeared in the most different places. She has appeared in the main story, the Donkey Kong story, in Just Dance 2018 as the naughty girls alternate version and her phone shows her pictures in the credits. She is addicted to taking pictures on her phone.


Rabbid Peach Is a Rabbid form of Princess Peach she wears a yellow wig with a crown just like Peach's crown. and a shirt that has a jewel like the Princesses dress.


her primary weapon is a Blaster. a weapon that can wrap around your hand and shoot enemies.

Her secondary weapon is a sentry. a robot with wheels that chases its target and explodes when caught. it has HP and can be destroyed


Rabbid Peach has a stylish dash. it allows extra dashing on enemies


Her primary technique is Shield. She protects herself from a certain amount of damage.

her secondary technique is Heal. She can heal anybody in a certain range by a %