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Smashers are enemies in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. They are the third enemy to be discovered, and the first to introduce the Chase ability, which allows them to chase after a Hero when struck by a weapon, and use their Melee on the Hero if they get close enough. Every variant of Smasher moves up to 4 cells, and 2 cells when exiting pipes. Appearance varies depending on the variant of Smasher, but all Smasher types are large and bulky, with a large jaw and some sort of giant rectangle to use as their Melee.


The Heroes are walking through a field, and Toads come flying through the air. A smasher is shown looking around. A Toad is trying to hide from the Smasher but accidentally rolls into it. The Smasher tries to smash its block down on the Toad, but the Toad just barely escapes. The Smasher turns towards the screen, and the header "Smasher" comes up, with the subtitle "Pinheads in Pursuit!"


Garden Smasher[]

Garden Smasher.png
Sherbet Smasher.png
Spooky Smasher.png
Lava Smasher.png

Garden Smashers are the first form of Smashers. They have 150 Health, and their Melees deal 60 damage. They are the only type of Smasher to have no Technique or Super Effect. These Smashers are big with purple patterns all over their bodies. They have red fur hair atop their heads, and yellow headbands above their eyes. They have ropes around their waist with tattered cloth of the same red that is on their heads. Their Melees are giant toy building blocks.

Sherbet Smasher[]

Sherbet Smashers are the second form of Smashers. They have 225 Health, and their Melees deal 80 damage. They have the Bounce Super Effect. They wear what appear to be iced over helmets on the top of their heads. They have green wristbands on their wrists, they have ropes around their waist, and their Melees are large ice cubes.

Spooky Smasher[]

Spooky Smashers are the third form of Smashers. They have 340 Health, and their Melees deal 105 damage. They have the Vamp Super Effect. They have black markings around their heads, and they wear torn hoodies around half of their bodies. They have big black chains that they wear like necklaces, and the chains have locks with the keyhole being in the shape of a Rabbid head. Their Melees are coffins.

Lava Smasher[]

Lava Smashers are the fourth form of Smashers. They have 510 Health, and their Melees deal 135 damage. They have the Ink Super Effect. These Smashers have dark red skin on their heads, and light red skin everywhere else. They also have helmets with unknown blue objects on the top. They have burnt tan overalls, and they wear spiky bracelets on their wrists. Their Melees are some sort of steam-emitting boilers with fire inside.