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"Double barreled baddies" - Introductory Tagline

Valkyries are enemies that wear armor that is equipped with machine guns that can destroy Mega Blocks and hit their targets several times. Like Hoppers, they can perform Team Jumps, however, this ends with a Ground Pound, which can deal massive damage to anyone within 6 cells. They can use their Primary Technique, "Protection", to reduce damage directed at themselves and their allies.


The heroes are walking along until bullets are shot around them in the shape of a heart. A Valkyrie then lands nearby and begins attacking the Heroes with it's boob machine guns, followed by the introductory tagline.


Spooky Valkyrie[]

This Valkyrie is the first Valkyrie you encounter and is encountered in the Spooky Trails after defeating Calavera. It has an undead appearance, fitting for the Spooky Trails. It can inflict the Bounce Effect.

Lava Valkyrie[]

This Valkyrie is encountered in the Lava Pit and has a charred appearance. It's attacks can burn it's opponents.


  • The Valkyrie are female
  • The Valkyries can reduce the damage sustained by them by absorbing some of it