Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Wiki

Yoshi is the final Hero unlocked in the game, unlocked after the fight with Mecha Jr. He is a non-Rabbid Hero.


Yoshi is a dinosaur-like character that has no scales and mostly green skin, with the exception of his cheeks and his chest area to the bottom of his tail. He has a large nose with thin slits for nostrils, round red spines on the back of his head, and a red patch on his back that is normally where Mario rides in other Mario games. He also wears orange shoes with yellow bottoms.


Ground Pound Jump[]

Yoshi's Ground Pound Jump is a movement ability that is shared by no other Hero, but by Valkyries, Bwario, and the Lava Queen. When Yoshi Team Jumps with this ability unlocked, he damages any enemies or allies in a certain area around him. This also does low cover damage. Both the area of damage and the amount of damage can be upgraded in Yoshi's Skill Tree.

Cleansing Jump[]

The Cleansing Jump allows Yoshi to clear Super Effects from other Heroes when he Team Jumps off of them. This works with any lingering Super Effect. This ability is not unique to Yoshi; every Hero has it.